How can I use ClikHere.ca?

Contact us directly, submit your project's information and schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss how we can help you better collect information. Surveys, Forms, Registrations, eLearning, Quizzes, etc. ClikHere.ca to get started.

Is ClikHere.ca a software company?

No, ClikHere.ca helps municipal staff capture insights and information from residents, customers and employees so they can make better decisions or save time managing the flow of information. We combine design, programming and software into a single cost-effective, easy to use service.

Are you Canadian-based?

Yes! We are based in British Columbia and adhere to the most stringent Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Acts (FIPPA) in Canada along with other key compliance requirements such as the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

How much does is cost?

ClikHere.ca strives to keep its services as cost-effective as possible by using a continuous process improvement cycle. Submit your project specifications to us using our Get Started form. We will provide you with a no cost detailed estimate.

What types of information collection can you help me manage?

We specialize designing and programming a wide selection of forms including:

  • Community Surveys
  • Program/Service Evaluations
  • Staff Assessments
  • Registration Forms
  • Inquiry Forms
  • HR Related Forms including Staff OnBoarding, eLearning, Quizzes, etc.

What municipalities does ClikHere.ca work with?

ClikHere.ca is part of The W Group which helps numerous municipalities build their community engagement programs. Among our clients are large municipalities like City of Surrey, mid size like Cities of Coquitlam and Abbotsford and smaller municipalities like District of Lake Country.

Who owns the data you collect?

The ownership of all information collected by ClikHere.ca remains with the municipality in which the project was managed. Upon completion of the project ClikHere.ca will remove all collected information from its software and return it to the municipality.

How Can ClikHere.ca Help Me Capture Municipal Insights and Information ?

Canadian municipalities rely on ClikHere.ca for professional support services to conduct research, capture information and educate online. ClikHere.ca provides its services on an individual, fee-for-service basis. Are you planning on developing a more formal community engagement program? Visit  The W Group to learn how we can help you!

Refer to the list below for some of our recently completed surveys, forms and e-learning programs.  Ready to get added to the list? 

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Communications Surveys

Program Evaluations 

Customer Feedback

Budget Consultation

Parks Development Surveys

Master/Strategic Plan Surveys

Roadway/Greenway Functional Design Surveys

Land Use Designation Surveys

Neighbour Concept Plan Surveys

Festival/Event Surveys

Library Patron Survey

Quality of Life Surveys

Non-Medical Cannabis Survey




Support Requests


Contact Forms

Facility Rental Requests

Inspection Requests (Plumbing, etc.)

Traffic Obstruction Permit Applications

Recreation Guide Ad Bookings

Vendor Performance Review

Backyard Chicken Registration

Knowledge Management Forms 



Health & Safety Orientation 

Sun Safety

Respectful Workplace Behaviours

New Hire Orientation


Project Engagement Portal 

E-Newsletters & List - Managing requirements for project and ad hoc     e-newsletter communications.

Your inquiries are important to us, as is your privacy. ClikHere.ca and its parent firm, The W Group, treats the collection and management of information according to the strictest Canadian compliance legislation. Your information will not be used for any other purpose than to follow-up with you regarding your inquiry. Privacy Policy

 British Columbia, Canada